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11-06-2020 Safenet license bug (Windows 10 2004 update)

When installing the latest Windows 10 2004 update from Microsoft, problems may occur if an older Safenet driver is installed (versions prior to 7.100). In the documents below you can find a PDF document from Safenet which describes the problem.

If the latest driver 7.103 is installed (which was delivered with the last version of pCon.planner) there should be no problems.

Please check if the latest driver version 7.103 is installed on your system before installing the Windows update.

This can be checked via the website http://localhost:1947/_int_/diag.html:

Run-time Installer 7.103

Run-time Package 7.103

If an older version of the driver is still installed, please download and install the current version:

If an error occurs here, the driver must be installed manually:

If you need help, please create a ticket and we will help you!


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