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2020-03-11 | Patch 7.0.1786

Here you can download Concept Office Patch 7.0.1786 and read about the new features in the attached document file. If you need assistance installing this patch please contact us. We can make you a suitable offer.

Important information: 

  • Only install this file in a Concept Office 7.0 environment. Failing to do so will cause the database to corrupt! Repairing costs are high due to the amount of time needed to fix the database!
  • Always have a recent backup available before updating Concept Office!
  • Please read the following carefully: Windows March Update 2020-03

You can download the patch for installation via this link

You will find the installation manual (NL/DE) here.

Download the document below to see the changes that have been made in this new release.


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