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Frequently asked questions about pCon.planner

Do you work in the most recent version of pCon.planner?

Before reporting a problem in pCon.planner, make sure you are working in the most recent version of pCon.planner. If not, update pCon.planner. Many problems have already been solved by working in the most recent version.

Do you have a problem with OFML data from a manufacturer's library?

First, check the pCon.update DataClient to see if an update is available for this data. Many problems have already been solved by working with the most recent data from a manufacturer.

pCon.planner runs slow and is often loading.

  • Check if your graphics card and driver are up-to-date. You can find this information in pCon.planner. Go to Help/Systeminfo/Rendering/Hardware. For more information please see this manual.  
  • By placing many elements from the 3D Warehouse in the drawing, pCon.planner runs slower.
  • Clean up the drawing: File/Purge.
  • Copy/paste to place the drawing in a new file.

Notification admin user.

You are trying to perform an update or an installation related to pCon.planner or OFML data, but you will be notified to enter an admin username and password. This means that you do not have admin rights to make changes (e.g. updates to the DataClient) on your computer. For the login details, please contact a colleague or your IT partner

Parts of the drawing disappear.

While zooming in on your drawing, parts of the drawing disappear. The reason that parts of the drawing disappear while rotating, is probably because the drawing is too far from the UCS (the cross in the drawing). It is possible that the UCS has been moved. In that case, right-click in the white area and click on Place UCS as WCS origin. Now select the drawing to the UCS. If the UCS is already in the correct place, and you have problems with the above, select the drawing and move it to the UCS.    

Please follow the links to our youtube channel for more information about these subjects: 


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