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Activate your current license again

It can happen that the license has to be activated again, because it no longer works. This can happen e.g. when hardware components on the computer (motherboard or hard disk) are replaced. Or in the case of a network license, changes are made on the server. The integrated cloning protection will deactivate the license and you will no longer be able to use pCon.planner. 

Through the following form, you can re-release the license (please note we charge €50,00 administration!).

Form for pCon.planner Pro 

Important information:

  • Before making any changes to the hardware on your system, move the license to another temporary system.
  • Did you receive a license code after 04/11/2014, you can transfer that license using the manual pCon.planner PRO single user license that you can find in Manuals. 
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