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Can I use pCon.planner on a Mac?

pCon.planner only works on a computer with a Windows operating system. To be able to use pCon.planner on a MacBook, Windows must be able to run on a Mac.

The ability to use pCon.planner on a Mac can be achieved through VM ware applications such as Parallels Desktop and Fusion.

Another possibility is Bootcamp which creates a partition on the hard disk and installs Windows on this partition. You first need to restart the system and then start the Windows environment on the Mac.

Make sure that your Mac system meets the minimum system requirements, and that these requirements are assigned to the Windows environment. In both cases, the system requires an official Windows license.

Important information:

We do not provide any support related to the use of Boot Camp or VM ware such as Parallels or Fusion. The use of pCon.planner in such scenarios is entirely at your own risk.

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