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AR functionality as of pCon.planner 8.3.1

With pCon.planner version 8.3.1, you can now export parts of the drawing using the AR function. Below you will find tips. 

In our blog, you can read about the new features of pCon.planner version 8.3.1

Although iOS devices come with their own AR kit, unfortunately, this is not usually the case for Android devices. Android users may therefore need a separate AR viewer app to present the content. For this reason, we have created a corresponding FAQ for users.

Please also note that pCon.planner only offers the possibility to export to AR-compatible formats. Further processing, i.e. the presentation of the files on mobile devices using a cloud and an AR app, is not part of the functions of pCon.planner.

Users can check whether the mobile device is suitable for this. You can check this on the following websites

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